Thursday, August 30, 2012


Yesterday during one of my classes we had to stand up infront of everyone and introduce the partner we were paired with. While my partner was introducing me she mentioned that one of my favorite designers is Alexander McQueen. As soon as she said that my professor said "hold up, there is something I want to point out about Alexander McQueen... he's dead." Right when she said that I thought well yes, yes he is and I didn't quite understand where she was going with that, but as she proceeded on she began to speak about how behind one designers name there are millions of other designers working for them and when a designer dies his name remains strong and most of the time becomes even stronger. No one ever thinks about how or who is coming out with all of this new clothing, no they only think McQueen. So then my professor asked the class who the head designer behind the McQueen name is and only one student in my class knew. It is Sarah Burton, and her name finally just recently started to gain recognition. Especially when the media found out she was the genius behind Catherine Middleton's wedding dress. McQueens label continues to grow and has seen consistent sales since she took over as creative director. Now McQueen is starting to be known as Alexander Mcqueen/Sarah Burton, which I think is just lovely.
 After that class I felt inspired to learn more about not only the main stream designer names but also the ones behind the scene. There are so many talented people in this world that don't get recognized for their work for a very long time and sometimes never will and I would like that to change.
This post is dedicated to Sarah Burton :)!

Taking a BIG bite of this APPLE

So if you all didn't know I moved to New York, New York (AYYYEEE) to attend The Fashion Institute of Technology. For the past week I have been moving into my dorm room, trying to soak up all that this city has to offer and Monday I started classes! Hectic is an understate and so is the charge of New York City! It is kind of ridiculous how excited I get when I ride the subway, coming from a small town in Florida is quite a change, but I couldn't be more thrilled, inspired and ready for all I have coming my way. However there are a few things I refuse to let myself do.  #1: Wear all black.#2: Become an anti-social hermit crab. Excluding myself from the world with the help of 2 devices called an ipod and earphones.                          Other than that I am so ready for this city to take me under its wings! hehe 

         My week captured in a few photos 

Every day I try to explore, get to know my new home and on one of my adventures I came across a killer bead shop. A perfect gift to my friend Allie, who is opening an Etsy shop for her jewelry so stay posted ;)!
Cozy home away from home!
These lights will inspire you !

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Polyvores got me styling ;)

Cropped out
For the past week I have been packing for NYC and all the sweaters and jeans piling up for the upcoming winter months made me realize how much I am going to miss those crop tops and booty shorts days in good ole Florida. I was inspired to style (via polyvore) a few more summer outfits for the last few weeks! Yes yes I know I should be blogging about future trends and what's hott for this winter but hey let me relive my glory days and then i'll go back to following the rules. ;)

PS: Aren't those Jeffrey Campbell cow print loafers ZEE on my list!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Turning trash into treasure!

Below are some beautiful and super fun bracelets my friend Allie made me! She just got down to DIY'ing one day and used old beads and charms from broken necklaces/bracelets! A great way to recycle old jewelry that you never wear anymore to daily arm parties....DARTY! 
She turned something that could have been trash into treasure! 

Allie also discovered a little jewelry company called Alex and Ani. The two gold bracelets below are apart of their single charm bangles collection. The Alex and Ani jewelry collection is very special to her because they offer eco-friendly, positive energy products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit, everything allie stands for! 

In the first photo, Al's charm bracelet is symbolic for "Om" which signifies God, higher power, and the oneness of all beings in life’s cycle. In the second photo my charm bracelet signifies "The path of life" and all the possibilities it holds for you! Alex and Ani are great ideas for gifts, I sure did love mine! Jewelry is always great but even better when it represents something significant to you!

Wearable Art Fashion Show

Over the past weekend the Dunedin Fine Art center hosted the Wearable Art Fashion Show! I have to say it was one of the most exciting shows I have ever experienced. The arrangement of textured materials, color, and form throughout each designer's collection showed how talented they all are! Each collections took the audience on a short ride through the depths of each designer's imagination and inquiring mind.

The designers in this show were Kathleen & Rocky Bridges, Michael Della Penna, Mark Byrne, Johnson Hunt, The Garden Fairies, Scott Durfee & George Medeiros, and Rogerio Martins. 

Each designer had their own style. Mark Byrne took ordinary balloons and transformed them into "momentary masterpieces", and Scott Durfee and George Medeiros used organic materials and remodeled them into fashionable garments. During the after party, George Medeiros wore a clutch from his and Scott's collection made from Palm tree leaves- just absolutely breath taking! 

Each and every one of these designers show proof that Fashion is Art! There is no difference from painting to designing a textile pattern. Each are a creative act in their eyes, mind and heart! 

 Below are some photos I took at the show! Enjoy !

Rocky and Kathleen Bridges

Michael Della Penna

My sister killed it! ^^

Scott Durfee and George Medeiros
I apologize for the visibility not being the best, but the models top was made from palm tree leaves, incredible !

Rogerio Martins

This piece was absolutely stunning and so intricate, literally a walking piece of art! 

Above is Michael Della Penna, his wife Ellna and models wearing his collection! I have to admit, one of my favorites! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


July 4th! What a perfect day to rock one of the most popular trends of summer 2012; The American flag that's some Patriotic Fashion for ya! The American Flag trend has been every where for the past few months, especially flooding my Instagram feed with all these damn DIY American Flag shorts. I have seen some pretty cute ones though, not going to lie ;). 
Another great thing about this trend is it has such a huge variety. Ranging from shirts, purses, hats, shorts, bandanas, heels, Which I am truly so sad about... My American flag Jeffrey Campbell Litas didn't come in time:(
Its okay though! THE RED PUMP IS HERE! 
 Which made my look much more feminine;)! But now after all this hard work lets pull those shorts out for a perfect day filled with Great Friends, Family, Fashion, Fireworks and some cold brews!

Now onto my look ;)
Maybe it's the leather pants on a 91 degree Florida summer day 
(REVOLT AGAINST THE CONFORMIST!) that makes me a rebel! Nooo... now that I think about it, that just makes me a little ballsy and really sweaty ha. I think it was just the Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Halen, and "Rebel Spirit" tee's I bought yesterday that got me thinking I'm some sort of bad ass but either way, hey it works.
 Hope you enjoyed the look and helped throw some ideas your way :)


Get the look!

Van Halen Tee: Pacsun
American eagle denim vest & leather pants: Forever 21
Red pumps: Charlotte Russe
Bandana: Wally World
Rebel attitude: $2.34 on ebay

Check it out

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We are all royalty and well for summer Flower Crowns are the perfect accessory for a Queen!!! They are a fun free-spirirted everyday look. There is so much variety to the type of crown you can make and well if you are ready to get down to DIY'ing you can make one for every look ;) Below is the one I made and the steps of how I created my very own crown! Enjoy !


  • Fabric flowers
  • (I bought mine from Michaels)
  • Thin floral wire in green
  • Wire cutting scissors
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Comfy Space
Step 1Take the floral wire and make an oval shape for the size of your head. This is the time to decide how low you’d like it to fall on your head. Then twist the ends for the size you’d like.
Step 2: Choose the flowers you want to use and place them in order.
Step 3: The flowers have a stem on the back of them, so you will need to cut it off and make it as flat as possible.
Step 4: Start Gluing larger flowers in the spots you want them to be placed.
Step 5: Use smaller flowers and leaves to fill in the gaps.

 Maybe add feathers ?!! Have fun!

Fellow Queens and their crowns!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Women and Shoes
Today as I was lollygagging through one of the most heavenly-like places on earth  (TJ MAXX) I came across the SHOE aisles! As my eyes grew wider from utter happiness I found a pair of wedges that melted my heart! In that specific moment, I realized what true love was. It may sound silly but all the problems I had experienced that day fled from my mind all together and all I could think about was how HOTT I was going to look in my new wedges this weekend. 
Men may never understand the relationship between a woman and her Louboutins or a women and her 15$ Steve Maddens she got on sale! But that’s because they are in love with something the have to constantly take out on walks so right after they can clean up its poop...
So after the epiphany I had earlier, I made it a DUTY to buy a pair of new heels, pumps, wedges, sandals, etc each week. I mean my heels will never leave me, they will always fit, and they wont ever make me feel “guilty” for wearing them, hence food. 

My new found love for the week

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's that perfect time of year where summer is creeping up on us, yet the nights are still pretty cool. These nights are filled with a cool breeze, baked brie and some besties for me.

And well maybe a backless leotard hehe.

In my opinion, the most beautiful part of a woman is her back, and summer is the perfect time to show it off!  Below I am wearing a very simple cross over strapped back but in this case less is more!  I have been BIG on leotards paired with any high waisted bottom and I have also been BIG on open backs for summer and well this was the perfect concoction! 

Went with neutral earth tones which kept my look soft.
I  was able to incorporate the camel color with my JC's and belt, which lead me to have a little more fun with my jewelry! 

Aren't you Jealous!!! I am, since it is not right in front me RIGHT NOW!


Backless leotard: Charlotte Russe
Maxi Skirt, bangles & Belt: Forever 21
Camel Litas: Jeffrey Campbell
Leopard bracelet: J. Crew
A night with best friends: PRICELESS

Friday, May 25, 2012


Skin tight leather pants during Florida's scorching summer dayz?
Just plain stupid or making myself that much more of a bad ass?
I would say a bit of both.

I just needed my Harley Davidson and I would have been set, too bad I left it at home for this one.
Anyway the real question is, is bringing back past trends okay? Some tend to agree some tend not to. I say who gives a TERD?!? Don't get me wrong being "trendy" is fabulous but you can't always rely on the trends, that is when your sense of style and personality comes into play. I don't believe in right or wrong in this world of fashion, I believe in endless possibilities. 

So on this lovely day in the desert I chose to wear leather pants. 
Paired with a white ragged tank, silver jewelry, studs and some "hey why not" feathered sandals.   

 Yes you all have seen this cross before, but on a necklace. I decided I have grown fonder to it hanging from my ear. Maybe my mind will change again, it probably will actually, if so not a problem! This is what is wonderful about jewelry. 
 Having fun with my ear decor changing it up on both sides, you never know what you will get ;)
Don't mind my pretty toes. -__-
Hair is fading to orange, me likey.

Leather Pants: Forever
White tank: Best friends closet 
Feather Sandals: Aldo